Monday, August 27, 2018

Grrr Rawr

  I was just feeling my look so I thought I would post it! Not doing any super serious post or anything, just a little something while I continue working on sorting the horror that in my inventory pre-2017.'s scary.
Dress: Moon Elixir
Hair: Olive, lucky board prize
Tattoo: SilentSparrow
Body: Maitreya
Head: GenusProject


razhaz said...

ok I like your blog but you dont tell the names of the stuff u use. yes like moon elxir but what is the name of the dress? olive hair but what is the name of it??? I love the natural one. but what pink fuel skin? which head?? just need a little more info. thanks

Sileny said...

Ah I didn't see this comment awaiting moderation at the time, I am so sorry! I usually don't do the names because it is the newest released stuff so easy to find and if it's old I generally will say it's old but sometimes I forget! I will try to be more aware of this! :) The dress was named "Not That Innocent Tan Leopard" and the hair was "The Kelly Hair - Blondes". Sorry again about being so late, at the time I was not used to blogging anymore, argh. :(


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