Sunday, October 7, 2012

White Zombie

Sometimes it's fun to make dark photos with light colors. :D  I got this skirt from Deathrocker Betty Crocker and just had to make a look around it.  The migraine I have insists I don't spend lots of time writing things today so have a peek at the credits!

Skirt: Deathrocker Betty Crocker @ Marketplace, 75L promo price
Skin: Tuty's, free, part of a pack
Hair: Discord Designs
Eyes: Curio


diZzy deLiRiUm said...

Thank you so much for taking such an amazing picture of my skirt! I've put it up on the Marketplace product page. It looks gorgeous on you! ^v^

~diZzy (DRBC)

Jaxie Oceanlane said...

you rock it gf!

Totally love this styling. What a great combo with the hair! but hey how come she isn't eating anything? doh, ok her dress, it's after a meal lolll


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