Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Flavors of Cupcakes

First thing I want to say I know my pics might not be totally up to par at the moment.  I moved in RL and I just am not used to how things are set up yet.  You should, however, still be able to see how lovely these new skin lines from Cupcakes are!  First is the latest line called Nora.  I love how this is very natural, like when you wear it you feel like you could meet some lovely young woman with these features in real life.
 Next is Starlet.  I chose a plain-lipped makeup for this line to show you the newer lip style.  I love the way this makeup looks like a matter or very bare lip would look.
Finally the next line is Doll.  I chose a red lip for this line because, well, I love red lips the best and this is a wonderful shade of it.  I chose a the regular cleavage option and wore my smaller-chested shape to show how the body works well with a smaller bust size.  The skin line also comes with a fuller breast but I think the flat-chested folks might like to see how things could look on them as well so I chose to show this option.
Each line from Cupcakes is available in many tones with multiple body, face and makeup options.  The skins are always affordable and there is almost always a great deal to be had somewhere in the store.  Check it out!
All Skin: Cupcakes
Hair 1: D!va @ Collabor88
Hair 2 and 3: Action (brown hair is part of the September VIP gift which I think should still be out, 250L join fee for that group.)
Ink'd Dress: Ladies Who Lunch @ The Dressing Room Blue, 70L for dress, leggings and boots (dress also has a shoulder attachment, not worn)
Zebra Bikini: Sn@tch, comes with multiple trim color options, transferable



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