Thursday, June 7, 2012


Most of the clothing I buy and blog is the dress-up type.  I show dresses, lingerie, high heels, etc.  One thing I don't show as often are very casual things.  Well, I got these shoes from Bitch and I fell in love with the faux utilitarian style.  I say faux utilitarian because they have a rugged style to them, almost like a work boot, but they have a high, dressy wedge heel.  I love how they have the elastic bits on the side so you feel like if you were putting them on in RL they would just slide on quick and easy.  I'm wearing the most tame color here but there are brighter colors too, like red and purple, as well as classic black and other neutral colors.
My pants are from Sn@tch's weekly Wednesday 75L special.  The color I am wearing here reminds me of some Dickie's I had back when I was a much younger girl and needed some pants that could withstand dirty basement punk rock shows.  They are mesh and come with a whole bunch of colors.  For the price you get only one size choice so try the demo!!!  They are not made with Standard Sizing in mind so don't assume you know which size will fit you without trying. 
Shoes: Bitch @ FaMeshed monthly event
Pants: Sn@tch, 75L special (includes several colors)
Kitchen Utensil: Plausible Body, part of a pay-what-you-want outfit (heavily edited for the photo)
Pose: Luba by Novalita Constantine (can't find the store, seems to be closed.)



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