Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Quick Plea To Designers

 I have been discussing something with a lot of people lately and I wanted to let any designers who may stumble across my blog know about it.  We really, really, REALLY would like it if you did the following when sending group notices:

  Please make a note card for your notice that has all of the following on it:
   -Item Photo
   - Any important product information, such as when a sale ends or if the item is limited edition, etc.

  When you send only a photo, only an LM or a note card with just a Flickr link or something chances are you will get a lot fewer customers.  People don't want to have to search around for your store (we all know using search isn't exactly foolproof.)  If people see something they link they want to go get it.  If we have to put the LM or texture in there folders until we have the time to dig around for your store info. then we might forget and never bother to get it.
  Another important thing is make sure you have your store updated, a slurl on your about me, ANYTHING that will let us know where to go.  Pretty please?
  OK if this info. helps even one person I will be super happy!  Thanks for reading my semi-rant. xD


Kitty DeVaux said...

Liked, Tweeted & Re-Plurked. I will be super happy if it actually works and helps even one person too! Happy Sunday, Miss Noel.


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