Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Road Trip Fail and Success

I have had this dress from Valentine E. for over a week now and haven't been able to blog.  I've had some time here and there to do it, that wasn't the problem; the problem was how I should do it.  I have seen other people make it look so glamorous and I know that I can't compete with that, being more of a kooky girl and less of a sophisticated fashionista. I didn't want to do my normal straight SL shot in front of a white wall thing because this dress screams a story that needs to be out of the box.  I felt like I was taking this dress on a trip around the grid searching for spots until I was just creatively broken down.  At that point I was at the Voc Linda sim and I saw this Winnebago and was like holy shit, that's perfect.  I put my av in a style that depicts a break-down, one wear you lose your heels and give up the glamor and just walk until you find what you need, as frustrating as it, much like my journey to get a picture I liked!
OK, sorry for the long rambling.  I had a lot of fun taking this picture once I got to this sim and had a location FINALLY.  If I didn't love this look so much I would have gave up long before and let my inventory absorb the items until they were never seen again, which happens to just about everything I buy, sadly. looool.  Anyway, this dress is only available right now at the current Chic Management event.  There are lots of colors available and it is sold in the mesh "standard sizing" options.  Please see the credits for the rest of the item details! :D
Dress: Valentina E. @ Chic
Hair: D!va @ Collabor88
Pose: Marukin @ Collabor88 (part of a pack or sold individually)
Bare Feet: SLink
Skin: MiaSnow
Eyeliner: a.e.meth
Hat: Pirschjaeger @ Marketplace
Location: Voc Linda sim



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