Saturday, May 5, 2012


Oh Culture Shock, you are so awesome.  I am super lucky because my store is in Culture Shock so I got to go early and swoon over all of the lovely things without lag.  One of the things I swooned over the most was this set from Solidea Folies.  There are several color options available but black and white is my fave with just about everything in fashion, this set included.  The dress is mesh and comes with an attachment of the "eyeball-like" things that are attached to the mask but I didn't wear them because I just wanted a more simple feel.  I wore a bigger size in the mesh than I normally would because I like the way it looks floating away from the body with the sheer "fabric."
I love masks in general and I just adore this one especially.  I have a hard time getting really super excited about things in SL lately but this got me all super duper happy.  There is an all black version I loved too that is in the same shade of black as the circles on the dress.  I realized the circles on the dress were the same shade of matte black as this collar from Hate Me and Eat Me so I added it to the look.  I love the old-fashioned appeal of it.  My lipstick is also from Hate Me and Eat Me but since it's under the mask you can't see it very well.  It's nice though, I promise. :P
My hair is from Tuty's and I don't think it's a new release but I am not in the group so I don't know.  I just check out their Marketplace store every once in a while for things I don't have, haha.  I love how natural the hair base looks.  My skin and under eye liner are from Adore&Abhor at Culture Shock but since it's my own store I won't say too much about it. :P  I'm wearing 2 different eyes and they were both dollarbies from Marketplace.  Yay Marketplace!  The brush I used for the background was a RL freebie from InSight Designs.  Yay RL freebies!
*Dress and Mask: Solidea Folies @ Culture Shock
*Skin and Makeup: Adore&Abhor @ Culture Shock
Hair: Tuty's
Collar and Lipstick: Hate Me and Eat Me
Eyes:TechnoLati, 1L
Left Prim Eye: By Snow, 1L
Bodysuit Under Dress: Epoque
*Items marked with asterisk are charity donations items from from 50%-100%



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