Monday, May 14, 2012

Hate Me Handy Bastard

Oh, just sleepy ol' me, dozing off at the gallery.
Quick!  Grab the art and go before security sees us!
  I had a lot of fun taking these pictures.  I've been quite uninspired lately by the same old pastel pink tube dresses and ripped ass crack pants so when I find something as refreshing as the items in these pictures I have to put my spin on them.  So often I'll see somewhere in SL selling art and think "Hey, that would look nice in my tiny house!" only to realize it was stolen off of Deviant Art or something like that.  This painting by Ken Bastard not only looks nice in my tiny house, it is in SL with permission from the original artist.  Gasp! Yep!  You can see Ken Bastard's website HERE for more goodness.
  My table and the goodies on top of it are from a new-to-me store called Handverk.  I spotted them at Culture Shock when I was trying to find my booth to set up and was like say whaaaaat!?  It was really exciting to see their booth and to find something that was not only not shabby chic but also was mesh!  I look forward to seeing more from this brand.
  My dress is from Hate Me and Eat Me and if you read my blogs you should know by now how much I love this store.  She always makes something a bit different and very exciting.  She took a basic strapless dress and textured it in shimmering ombre that looks so good with or without windlight settings on.  It's mesh and comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, and I'm not entirely sure if they use the Standard Sizing numbers or not so be aware of that.
  Below is a close up on the skin and makeup I am wearing in the photo:
  My skin is from YourSkin & YourShape and my eye makeup is from Cheap Makeup, both at Culture Shock.  The left side shows the skin without any additional makeup added.  I wore it with the dark eyebrow and hair base option, though there are other color options as well.  You can also find cleavage options and more so make sure to try the demo to get a feel of all you get.  The right side shows the skin with the eye makeup added to it.  The makeup is available in a ton of colors and works with just about every skin tones, as Cheap makeup usually does.
  Have fun!
All This and More:
Sofia Skin: YS&YS @ Culture Shock
Makeup: Cheap Makeup @ Culture Shock
Furniture: HANDverk @ Culture Shock
Painting: Ken Bastard in SL
Dress: Hate Me and Eat Me
Hair w/Hat: Love Soul
Shoes: R2 Fashion
Shirt: Nylon Outfitters ( was from a past Collabor88, not sure if still available)
Texture Eyes: Glam Affair (was a past hunt gift, not sure if they are still available)
Prim Eye: By Snow @ Marketplace (1L!)
Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc



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