Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well, They've Finally Locked Me Up.

OK, they didn't, even though some of you think they should. :P I just really, really like masks and straight jackets. Heck, bring on the restraints! So when I saw these two items from Solidea Folies and Dilly Dolls I died from joy. LOVE! Finally a straight jacket that works well for female avatars, even petite ones! Male version coming soon apparently.
Mask: Solidea Folies
Jacket: Dilly Dolls (color change)
Eye Makeup: Cheap Makeup
Hair: Ploom

*The background was from THIS photo by the lovely Casja.


laerke Levenque said...

Awww Very Nice !!!!
LOl I sould use one on my brain before type some!;P or even think x.x

Kitty DeVaux said...

Love love love


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