Tuesday, November 20, 2018


 I will probably use this skin and makeup in more posts so that I can show it better but I had to take a pic and mess with it RIGHT AWAY because I love them so much. This is very much one of my favorite skins in SL right now.  And this lipstick? Flawless.  Pink Fuel never fails.  What's her magic secret? IDK but I am jealous and grateful at the same time.  I thought the vintage feel of this skin would work with this cool hair from Besom. I look like a sex kitten, meow!

  The skin comes in 11 different skin tones, which is better than a lot of brands TBH.  There are a whole bunch of eyebrow color options, including a no eyebrow options which is great for when I want to use eyebrow appliers! The makeups are included separately from the base skin, whereas they are usually all together, so the price point is lower than ones where everything is included together.
  My lipstick is from the Pin-Up Pout pack at the Harajuku event. There are a butt load of color options to begin with and then there is a tintable option also. Nice! There is a choice of how much coverage you want also, from full to ombre with some other choices in between.  Pink Fuel also likes to give us options and I am very happy with that.
  I am feeling the mismatched eyes every time I wear the Catwa head and IDK why.  Whatever the reason, Banana Banshee has me covered again.  Their appliers for the Orlah pack include options to choose left and right eye color separately (as well as light or dark versions.) You can buy them in single colors as well but where is the fun in that? :P
  Not gonna lie, I have no idea when or where I got this Besom hair.  I did a peek around the store and didn't find it.  If anyone can help me out by telling me if it's still available I would much appreciate it.  Thanks! :D
Skin: Pink Fuel
Lipstick: Pink Fuel @ Harajuku Event
Eyes: Banana Banshee @ Twenty Event (ends the 30th)
Hair: Besom (not sure where it is in store, if at all)



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