Wednesday, August 19, 2015


  I love the MadPea adventure games. This month's game was one of my faves so far.  The sets for the game were so pretty!!  I wanted to wear something simple and cute to do the hunt, no mesh body parts or anything crazy to cause more lag than I already was going to experience, and I found these things in my recent item folder to make a cute (and affordable!) look.
  I took so many pictures of the last portion of the event, being careful to not show spoilers of course, and I took forever whittling it down to four options.  I was trying to decide which one to use when I realized that three of them had massive mistakes in them.  So that was decided LOL.  I liked them a lot though so I am putting the three unedited shots in one here.
  I highly recommend you check out The Collection game if you have some extra Ls and a couple hours free time to spare.  I chose the silver package because I wanted some prizes and was too broke to afford the gold at the time LOL.  If you can afford the gold, however, you should go for it because the creators are fantastic!  Check out the beginner's how to guide HERE and feel free to join the MadPea group for help or even ask me for tips if you see me online.  Enjoy!
Dress: Somnia, color change
Hair: Magika
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize I think
Poses: Marukin
Shoes w/Socks: SMC, lucky board prize
Opera Glasses: Fancy Decor @ The Collection, silver prize at the end of the game
Lamp and Backpack: Various items from The Collection that you pick up along the way



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