Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sileny's Skin Fair 2015 Picks Part One

  I am a bit late to the party with doing my picks for Skin Fair but RL was calling and I had to answer.  I have so many faves I don't even know where to start so let's start with one of my fave brands, Tuli.
  Tuli is a classic brand in SL for those that haven't been around for very long.  I have been buying Tuli skins since I think 2008 and she has been around longer than that.  Her hand drawn style is always highly recognizable and great quality with plenty of options.  There are eight tones available with a bazillion makeup and applier options.
  A brand I hadn't tried before but decided to check out this time is Razznova.  This brand also has lots of makeup options but appliers are sold separately.  There are four tones available and they are only 350L each which is pretty dang cheap and leaves room to buy those appliers.
  The last two things I wanted to show today are this skin from Pumec and this makeup from Clemmm.  The skin from Pumec is actually a very young and fresh looking skin so of course I had to spook it up, haha.  This skin had the least makeup options included and did not include appliers.  The appliers are available for purchase in the Pumec store and there are tons of options so check that out if you have a specific applier you like.  The makeup under the eyes is from Clemmm and I think it's pretty freaking cool.  I got one of the lighter versions but you can get some pretty dark versions too if you want.
  OK those are my first three and I hope you guys go and try the demos if you haven't already.  Ciao!
Picture One:
  Skin: Tuli @ Skin Fair 2015
  Hair: Magika
Picture Two:
  Skin: Razznova @ Skin Fair 2015
  Hair: Exile @ The Arcade, gacha item
Picture Three:
  Skin: Pumec @ Skin Fair 2015
  Makeup: Clemmm
  Hair: Magika

These four stores are on Sim 1, check this blog HERE for the map to each individual store.



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