Sunday, April 13, 2014


  So I finished the Lost Mine hunt from Mad Pea.  I didn't think I would.  It was hard.  I almost gave up.  but I didn't.  And I finished.  And there was joy.  Joy!  I'm glad I did the whole thing because there are lots of awesome gifts at the end for men, women, and other. I love this hair with crown so much.  The hair is color change to several different standard colors so if you don't like white don't worry. :P  I love this crown too but if you want a bolder, crazier head piece with more evil horn awesome there is a different one included as well.  The HUD for the hunt costs 150L but it's super worth it because 1. The game is fun and 2. The prizes are super cool.
  My skin is from MudSkin, which used to be My UglyDorothy.  Just as I typed this I realized My UglyDorothy could be abbreviated as MUD and now I feel like oh, derp.  LOL.  Anyway, this skin is available in this tone only at The Men's Department (which is kind of weird because it's a lady skin but there is also a male skin for sale there so maybe that's why?)  The skin is on the cheap for the duration of the event so if you want a deal get it now.  There are a few eye/lip options and eyebrow color choices included, as well as a shape and freckle layers.  It also comes with an additional version in the pack for free for the event only.
  OK, thanks for sharing in my joy, more details below!
Skin: MudSkin @ The Men's Department
Hair and Crown: LaNoir Soleil Designs, prize for completing the Lost Mine game, start HERE
Top and Arm Tattoos: Mabinogion
Bracelet: [tea.s], other colors included
Pose: Luba


LaNoir Soleil said...

Thank you so much for blogging our hunt prize, Caresia worked very hard on her first hair and crown and we are so very happy that you liked it enough to blog it <3
LNS Team


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