Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stop Charging For Demos on the Marketplace

No, seriously.  Stop.  It's not about the 1L or 2L or whatever, it's about the fact that it's not cool to pay for the "privilege" or *maybe* buying your item.  Cut the crap.  I rarely, actually almost never, buy from stores who charge for demos.  Neither does Isabeau.  (Sorry for calling you out the fellow blogger, haha.)  Neither do a lot of people on Plurk.  Is the 1L you make off of a demo worth the potential lost customers?


P.S.- I've heard all of the excuses and none of them are good enough.  It's even worse in world to charge for demos but there are one or two excuses for that that are *sort of* legit.  Marketplace?  Nope.



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