Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pros and Cons of UglyDorothy

  So, I love My UglyDorothy skins.  I rarely pay more than 500L for skins these days but I love this store enough to pay full price.  That's rare for me since I make skins, haha.  I do have a small issue with the skins this time, however.
  The problem isn't the skins themselves; the skins are gorgeous.  My problem is with the purchasing system. Here is how it works, in case you go to buy and are confused:
  First, you buy the body in the tone you want, in this case I chose tone one since I am a pale freak in RL and I tend to stay close to that when purchasing, most of the time anyway.  When you get the pack, for 1000L, you receive the skin and mesh feet.  The skin has no face, unless you want your face to look like this:
  After that you go to the other wall and choose a face in the tone that matches the body you bought, for 250L.  This face is on a tattoo layer and has some options for brow colors, teeth or no teeth, etc.  With the face I bought it looks like this now:
 Obviously this is an improvement.  I really, really like the look.  The problem I have with this is now I have taken up at least one tattoo layer to even have a face at all.  I wear a ton of tattoo layers so losing one is annoying.  The upside of this system, however, is that when I want a new makeup I will, I believe, only have to pay 250L, rather than than paying a full 1000L for an entire new skin.  I like that a lot!  I just wish that the skin that was originally purchased would have some sort of face on it, even if it's sort of a weird option or something.
  One other thing I love about the shop is they now have appliers for the SLink mesh hands.  YAY!  I rarely want to buy skins these days that don't have appliers so for the extra 100L, making the price total 1350L, I got exactly the type of skin set I wanted, aside from the tattoo layer issue.
MyUglyDorothy is HERE.
The swimsuit is only 1L from HERE, includes Lush and Lola appliers.



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