Monday, August 13, 2012

And Now For Something Totally Different

I've been blogging lots of light things lately so it's time for some dark colors in the mix.  I got this outfit from Adoness for Vintage Fair and I normally am not a Steampunk-Victorian-Etc. type of girl but I really like this.  First off, I love green.  Green is my fave color so anything that has it is likely to make me take a second look.  I tried it on and noticed that the collar is freaking awesome.  I love the little clock and cog details.  The outfit comes with a monocle (I'm wearing it) and a top hat (not worn.)  For information's sake, the outfit has a flexi skirt as the main part, the corset and top are on different layers, and there is a cute little pocket watch type chain detail on the side of the skirt.  The price is 280L and it is currently a Vintage Fair exclusive.
My hair is new from Vaughan's for Fashion Voodoo.  There are four colors available at only 93L each or 279L for all four.  It comes with the side-shaved hair base, which is super cute and I have even used it with some other hair too.  I liked the red color best of all and since I am a sucker for red hair + earth toned clothing it had to be worn. :D
Hair and Hair Base: Vaughan's @ Fashion Voodoo
Dress and Monocle: Adoness @ Vintage Fair
Skin: MiaSnow
Face Powder and Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor @ Vintage Fair
Quote: Kurt Vonnegut



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