Friday, January 6, 2012

Excuse-y My Quick Post

Just wanted to do a quick post sharing some lovely finds from Alice Project, Hate Me and Eat Me and Es' Cusi.  I never noticed how small my avatar's waist is until I wore this top, haha!  *Sings little in the middle but she got much back.*  My hair is just like my RL hair (when I, you know, actually keep it trimmed and not let it get all scraggly at the ends...I should really call the salon after this post) except my RL hair is not this long.  I am growing my hair out to donate though since I found a place that accepts dyed hair so eventually it will be longer but then it will be gooooooone! 
Hope you have a great day readers!
Top and Neck Tattoo: Es' Cusi
Tattoo Makeup: Hate Me and Eat me
Mesh Hair: Alice Project
Eyes: Croire
Skin: Red Mint


Kitty DeVaux said...

I am so obsessed with Alice's Mesh Hairs! I was just telling her the other night that the Mega Packs are crazy/awesome. I love playing with all of the different colour options.

I like that top you have on. Do you happen to remember if they have a demo for it or if it comes with a booby hider layer? I ask cuz my AV is a bit on the busty size for some clothes.

Hope you're having a GREAT start to the new year, Miss Noel. ;)

Sileny said...

Aww no it doesn't. :( I have a pretty medium sized chest so it wasn't too hard to get it sized right since the Alice Project hair in the large size sticks out from the body on me enough to go over the shirt. I could see it being a problem with larger breast sizes though. :/

And yes Alice Project is one of my loves for serious! I adore the fact that everything comes streak/tip/etc. options!

Sileny said...

OH! I also hope you have a wonderful new year. :D


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