Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a Fantasy

I've been thinking about tolerance a lot lately, ever since there was an argument on Plurk centered around religious discrimination. I started to think how it would be great if we could all be the same and then stopped myself and realized that would not be great at all. The differences we have that make us unique are amazing and when people can agree to disagree and work together peacefully, well, that is truly beautiful. My dream, my fantasy, is for us all to better embrace our differences and focus on what makes us the same, how we can get a long, how much love we can give.
While that is not the sort of fantasy one would find at the Fantasy Faire, there is a lot of beauty, charity and many different themes all together in one place. There are items at the Faire to benefit Relay For Life, an organization that raises money for cancer research. Cancer is something that affects everyone, every race, every religion, every sexual preferences, every age. We all can suffer from it and we can all work together to try and find a cure. We are all human and in that word, human, there is pain, loss and suffering but there is also hope, love, compassion and beauty. Whether or not you come to the event to support charity or to buy gorgeous works of art to wear on your avatar, you will be surrounded by beauty and difference. Hopefully that will inspire you to be more positive and to try and full fill the fantasy of true peace in the world.

Outfit: Adam N Eve @ Fantasy Faire
Hair: RezIpsa Loc
Stockings: Royal Blue (not sure if they are still available)
Skin: Street Dermatology (no longer available to my knowledge)
Eye Makeup: Ni.Ju
Pose: Propositions! @ Pose Fair
Prim Eyes: Banana Banshee and Tacky Star



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