Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things Part 1

I am going to start posting about some of my favorite stores. They might not be the "newest" stores around. They might not be the trend of the moment, or hang out with the "cool crowd", but they make quality items and have never been involved in shady business. The designers in these "Favorite Things" posts will be ones that take up gigantic portions of my inventory. I love them all and hope to do them justice!Jewelry: Artistry by ~E~
Lingerie: Wanderer the Wind
Skin: Fior Di Perle
Hair: Truth

For my first post I am going to show Artistry by ~E~, formerly known as Blood Diamond Jewelry.

Endra Graves, the creator behind Artistry, is a no-nonsense woman. You do not want to get on her bad side, LOL. If you get on her good side, however, she will send you awesome bacon-related recipes. Oh, wait, maybe that's just me!Jewelry: Artistry by ~E~
Lingerie: Wanderer the Wind
Skin: Fior Di Perle
Hair: Analog Dog

The pieces are sold in sets, no separates for most of the items. In each set you get a minimum of three items (necklace and earrings being most common, but other sets come with bracelets, rings, etc.). The prices vary from set to set, but expect to pay between 500L-1000L for most items.

If you join the update group you will be eligible to get notices about great sales and frequent fun things like gift card hunts. I am lucky enough to be in this group and it's AWESOME because everyone gets along and it's just super fun and we get special offers and whatnot and I love it :P
Jewelry: Artistry by ~E~
Lingerie: Cupcakes
Skin: Fior Di Perle
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth

This post is going to be a long one, if you can't tell already :P The items I am showing you are only a fraction of what I have and what I have is only a fraction of the sets available. I should also note that gift cards are sold here. You just can't go wrong with gift cards. Seriously. Your girl friend wants jewelry! Christmas is coming up! :D Go now to Artistry and support the creative creators!

I also want to point out that the skin I am wearing is awesome. LOL. It is by Fior Di Perle. I had never been to Fior Di Perle until a review copy was passed to me recently. All the skins worn throughout this post are the "Claudia" line and I think they are just super. They have realistic eyebrows, which always wins me over! I also really love the tummy because it is soft without looking flabby and it doesn't look too muscley for those times when I choose to wear a heavier shape.
I also really love the dark eye makeup on the skins I am wearing, as well as the lip colors. The lip colors are just perfectly suited to the skin tone, which is important. Often times creators will just slap the same makeup colors on every tone with no regard as to whether or not it actually looks ok :P Word has it Fior has an MM board too so check that out as well!!

Note: The last jewelry set is part of the private collection...meaning it is not in the store and you can't have it. I'm just super special and showing off, teehee.

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