Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nerds In Color

  I have a totally fun LOTD to share with ya'll today.  Well, I think it's fun at least so that's all that matters.  If anyone else thinks it's fun then that's a bonus.
  I saw this shirt from Zanzibar Creations that was originally at Nerdapalooza and thought it was super cool.  I was going through some crud in RL and didn't get to blog for a while.  By the time I back the event was over.  I was super bummed so IMed the creator and she said she was putting them out in the store.  SCORE!  So now you too can have a fun deer sweatshirt.
  My hair is from Discord at Hair Fair.  I thought it was really cool because it could work for both boys and girls and it fits a lot of head shapes.  It's unrigged and resizeable so that's even better for those with more, uh "interesting" shapes.  I like how the ends of the hair could look like the style was wet if you wanted that.
  My skin is a new release from Imabee.  It costs only 200L and comes with appliers.  Sweet!  I know you might be like "WTF, Imabee is back?" and the answer is "Yes indeed."  Imabee has actually had a couple of releases now and I have purchased both of them right away because OMG IMABEE IS BACK! but some people didn't notice the first time.  Now you can all notice.  Notice now!  Notice, then purchase, and feel the love.  Excellent.
  These nails are by Mandaria, a new store from my pal Mena whom I blog with over at Free*Style.  She's awesome and I am super happy to see her creating.  I wanted to pimp out her nail appliers here because I can. :P  They are really cool.  I am super jealous of her ability to make the nails look shiny.  She succeeds where I fail, haha.  I am only showing a few colors from the HUD, because showing all of them would be like argh too much work, but they are all good.
  I hope you enjoy my finds and support the awesome creators behind them.  Have fun!
Sweatshirt: Zanzibar Creations.  Male versions available as well.
Hair: Discord Designs at Hair Fair.
Skin: Imabee, includes SLink appliers.
Nail Appliers: Mandarina, lots of colors included in the HUD.  I honestly can't find where she is selling these.  She gave them to me and then logged off before I could ask and I can't find them.  The slurl is to her Marketplace store where I cam sure they will be once she puts them up.
Glasses: Meshdol, color change scripted. Only 10L!
Pants: Old, old, old free item from Ohmai, no longer available.
Pose: Croire, I am not sure if it's still available but if it is it would be 30L-69L on the Marketplace store.
Mesh Hands: SLink



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