Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Question Time!

  No pictures today, just chatting.
  I am sitting here all bummed out because I feel so self-conscious about my blogging skills.  I know I will feel better soon enough but I get into my moods.  Anyway, it got me wondering if I am the only one who feels this way.  Anyone else?  Like I look at the feeds and some people are so awesome with their photograph taking skills, their graphics are amazing, and/or they are great at Photoshop.  So jealous!  I'm not asking for compliments or critique or anything, I am just chatting about feelings like an emo gal right now. xD
  In sort of the same subject, how do you feel about Photoshopping pictures?  Do you love it, hate it, or are in between?  Do you use post-processing on your photos, if you are a blogger or photographer in SL?
  What makes a good photo to you?  What do you think you can improve on?
  That's a million questions, sorry. LOL.  If you want to comment you can post replies here or write about it on your own blog and link below.  :D  I'm curious to see what people have to say!


Helena Stringer said...

I have always prided myself for taking awesome untouched photos. I only add borders and my name.

While yes, I could be doing more, and granted I am learning to do fancier things with doing pileups of SL people on flickr, I have always felt that it is my duty to show the product as it is in sl, and not glam it all up so it doesn't look the same anymore.

I think this is something I have carried over from taking ads, as I would never want someone to look at my ad, and then look at the product they bought, and feel it isn't the same, due to me PSing the ad to the nines.

I also lack the time, as the store comes first. Sure I could do epic photoshoped sl art, but I have more important things to do with my time.

Taking a quality shot straight from sl is not a bad thing. Doing a few things to tweek it, like fixing an odd shoulder bump, or an odd pose crease doesn't hurt anyone.

I think if ever I did have the time for epic photoshoped sl art, and use it in blogging, I'd still post the original, so not to "hood" my viewership.

I am satisfied in how I blog.

Chalice Carling said...

I often used to ruminate on the worthiness of my blog and if it offered anything worthwhile to the blogging world. I think its natural to compare and often people who are perfectionists or who tend to be hard on themselves,get themselves in a funk about the quality of their blog in comparison to others they see. I have stopped that now. There is only one you in SL and the way a person writes and styles is unique to them. For me personally, I try to present the items I blog like a magazine editorial...meaning I photoshop and try to make them look the best they can be. I don't think I over photoshop but do fix up glitches and add color and light to (hopefully) make the pictures pop. I've been where you are but decided that there is only one Chalice In Wonderland. Even if say, five different blogs present the same core outfit, there will be five different overall looks. These days I try not to over think the why, what, where, how and just enjoy styling something that I love. Try to forget what other people are doing and just be you. My favorite saying is 'Be you...everyone else is taken'.

Some people have a large readership and others small but you can bet there are people out there who love what you do and you won't even know because they read it covertly. Blogging can be a fickle undertaking because people don't always stop to say 'hey I love that' but it doesn't mean they don't think it. My advice, just keep going and do it for you. Hugs from Chalice.

Sileny said...

Thank you guys so much for replying! It's nice to know I am not the only one who has ever felt this way. After reading these comments, as well as the ones on Plurk, I feel more confident.
Chalice: I think some photoshopping is totally fine. Your photos, for example, are not so overly photoshopped that I can't see the outfit. I like that! I am glad you stopped comparing yourself to others because you do fine just how you are.
Helena: Photoshop or not you have such a unique style and no one else could pull it off. I would love to see some fancy pictures just to see what you could do but how they are right now, especially with your new shadow abilities, is great.
Thanks again for replying guys!


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