Friday, November 16, 2012

I Wish David Lynch Was My Cousin So We Could Eat Thanksgiving Food Together and It Would BE Amazing

I only named this post that because this post is called Your Cousin is George Lynch (from the store PDA, no longer available), which reminded me of David Lynch, and also I can't wait for pie.  So that happened.  Anyway, moving on, here is a new dress from Blue Blood!  This dress is a hand drawn, mesh item which comes in standard sizes with multiple color options available.  It fit my shape pretty well and it's great for those who prefer the drawn look instead of the photo-realistic type stuff.
My hair is from Clawtooth by Clawtooth.  I have been feeling the gray hair lately (don't kill me Isabeau!)  My stitched up eyebrows are from Miss Shippe's Studio and work best with a skin that doesn't have eyebrows or on top of an eyebrow remover tattoo layer.  You can always count on MSS for something unique and pretty much amazeballs.  My skin is from Mons and was a Cinema event exclusive but you can get other similar styles at the store and they are fab, as always.



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