Monday, March 26, 2012

Manvatar Love

So none of this stuff is new, in fact some of it is quite old, but I was wandering around in my malt (or manvatar, or male avatar, whatever you want to call it) when I realized how much I love this MiaSnow male skin and how I have never really expressed that love.  Well, here it is!
This is what my av is wearing right now.  My man avs tend to wear FIR&MNA and Pig almost exclusively.  I have bits and pieces from other brands but these two always seem to call to me.
 OK, have fun!
Skin: MiaSnow
Clothing: Pig (shirt free @ Free Dove as part of an outfit) some of it might not be available but most is I think.
Facial Stitches: Miss Shippe's Studio
Neck Hickey: Ero Rabbi, free (includes chest version as well for male and female)
Pose: Estetica
Shoes: FIR&MNA (this kind with the neon on the bottom is no longer available I believe but you can get them in plain black and others as well still)


MiaSnow said...

oh cute! he caught my eye on flickr... love the outfit & attitude of your Malt lol!

Sileny said...

Glad you like him. xD The skin rocks so many socks for sure.


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