Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomine Mosaic Line! Best Nomine Line Yet? Why Yes!

Long title, totally true. Nomine has released a new skin line called Mosaic. This line fits its name entirely, having a wide array of styles, colors, and tones available for all you skinaholics. Everything about this skin is great. It's unique, lovely, and extremely creative. Very fat pack worthy.
I am only showing some of the makeups here, on two tones (China White and Peach) though there are many more makeups and many more tones.My favorite parts of the skins are the lips, hips, stomach and knees. All have great shading and detail. Also, the range of makeup leaves nothing to be desired. I can't really think of another makeup I would want that isn't already in the line. Next time Nomine makes a skin line I would like it to be based on B movie stars and have amped up cleavage. This is my official recommendation, lol! I don't know why but I think Munchflower would do it well, like everything she does!

Skin: Nomine, new release
Hair: Lamb
Lingerie: 5th and Oxford



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