Monday, August 24, 2009

Hurry Your Feathery Behind

And get moving to Edelweiss!! Last Halloween Edelweiss gave an awesome gift of a head dress with tiny bat wings that opened to gigantic flapping wings when you flew. Every time I bust those suckers out people are all ZOMG I WANT THEM! And I'm like TOO BAD. Heehee. Such is the fun of limited edition. Anyway, Edelweiss has done it this time with Angel wings instead of bat wings. I used my fave pose set from ~La Petite Morte~ and my brand spanking new skin from Chai to take a picture I am in love with.

Here is a close up of the skin and head dress. The skin is a new vamp line inspired by True Blood from Chai. There are bloody ones and all sorts of fun stuff but I went with the "hungry" vamp look, all blood drained and pale. Worth every single L$.

And here is a shot of the wings unfurled...could you not just snatch them up completely?! YAY! They are only available for another day or two max so hurry you azzes up.
Head Dress and Undies: Edelweiss
Skin: Chai
Hair: Adora
Tree/Plants/Etc.: Part of an awesome pose set from ~La Petite Morte~.



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